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June 14, 2017


Today I want to discuss the importance of vitamin D. Do you remember your mother telling you to drink your milk if you want to grow up big and strong? Mom was right in so may ways. Not only is Vitamin D important for strong bones and muscles, it also helps with your immune system, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and pain symptoms. Research has also shown that 50% of the people in the world are Vitamin D deficient. In the United States it has been determined that 20% of our population are deficient and as high as 40% are insufficient.

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to symptoms of bone and muscle pain, muscle weakness, blood pressure problems, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, MS, allergies/asthma, depression/fatigue and some cancers. The best way to evaluate your Vitamin D is by conducting a blood test.

Good sources of Vitamin D are fatty fish like salmon, tuna, pickeled herring,and maceral, fortified foods like milk, orange juice and some cereals. Beef liver, some cheeses, egg yolks, and shitake mushrooms also contain some Vitamin D as well.

Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin because our skin converts sunlight to Vitamin D nauturally. However, due to the risk of skin cancer we have been warned to limit our sun exposure and most skin products now have some level of SPF. I believe this to be a contributing factor as to why women seem to be more prone to lower levels of Vitamin D. Individuals with darker complexions also produce less Vitamin D naturally.

You don't have to have symptoms to be deficient in Vitamin D. However, a proper evaluation must be performed before you begin taking any Vitamin D supplements because more is not always better. Vitamin D is important and so are you!

Call our office today if you want to have your Vitamin D levels evaluated.

August 14, 2017


It's a new school year full of excitement, expectations, and HOMEWORK. With homework comes carrying books and book bags. It has been shown that many children are carrying back packs too heavy from their growing spines. Most of the healthcare associations have determined that a child should not be carrying bags heavier than 10-15% of their body weight (for example: a child weiging 70 lbs should not be carrying a back pack that weighs more than 7-10lbs.) When choosing a back pack there are certain things to look for: 1. The book bag should not be wider or longer than the child's torso, 2, The bag should not hang lower than 4 inches below the child's waist, 3. The shoulder straps and back of the bag should be well padded with hip and chest straps to help hold the back pack close to the child's body, 4. There should be multiple compartments to distribute the weight in the bag,along with compression straps to stabilize the content, 5. Lastly, reflective material is important because many children meet the school bus before the sun rises in the winter months.

You can help your child by organizing their bags so they are only carrying the basic things they need. Leave books that are not necessary at home or school (if available, E-books and xtra used books bought on amazon can limit carrying books back and forth from school to home.) Encourage older children to drop off unneeded books at lockers whenever they can.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful school year!

October 17, 2018


October is here! Cool weather, pumpkin spice, and the beautiful colors of East Tennessee. Unfortunately, those beautiful leaves don't stay on the trees for long, which means RAKING. The key to raking is not to overload the rake, especially if the leaves are wet. Do NOT pull the rake across your  body, twisting at the waist. This only strains the lower back and hips. To use proper form you should place  the rake head just outside and to the front of your foot, set your core, lock your arms, and step to the side pulling the leaves with your legs (not your back). At the end of the movement you can pull through with your arms, pulling across the body, as long as you don't twist through the hips. Just think of it as dancing in the leaves.

Another option is to place the rake head out in front of you and step backward pulling toward your feet. This is not as mechanically correct but will allow you to vary your movements without straining your back. Just remember, keeping the rake head in front of you at all times will help keep your back in line. HAVE A HAPPY FALL!

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