Low Back Pain Quiz

1. Do you have pain in your lower back?

2. Do you have pain in your low back that extends into your buttocks?

3. Do you have low back pain that extends into one or both of your legs?

4. Have you been diagnosed with sciatica (leg pain?)

5. Do you have numbness/tingling in one or both of your legs or feet?

6. Do you have muscles spasms in your back?

7. Do you have back pain after sitting?

8. Do you have back pain after standing for a prolonged period?

9. Does it hurt in your back to bend over at the waist? (For example, to tie your shoes?)

10. Do you wake with back pain?

11. Does your back pain lessen with activity?

12. Does your back pain worsen with activity?

13. Do you have pain in your lower back when you lift objects over five pounds?

14. Do you have pain in your lower back when you try to go from a sitting position to standing?

15. Have you lost any time from work due to back pain?

16. Has back pain interfered with doing a favorite passtime?

17. Has back pain caused you to alter the way you do daily activities?

18. Have you been diagnosed with a "pinched nerve" in your back?

19. Have you been referred for physical therapy that has not improved your back pain or has your back pain returned once you stopped physical therapy?

20. Have you been prescribed muscle relaxers or pain medication for your back pain but the pain returns once you stop taking the medication?

21. Do you routinely have to take over the counter medications to be able to perform your daily activities or to be able to sleep at night?

If you answered yes to  questions 1,2,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,19,20, or 21, you may have subluxations or joint dysfunctions with accompanying. muscle dsyfunction.  

If you answered yes to question 3, you may also have nerve involvement.

If you answered yes to question 5, you may also have vascular problems.

A comprehensive evaluation  by Dr. Williams will be necessary to determine which of the above factors are contributing to your lower back pain and if Chiropractic Treatment may be right for you. If after evaluation, Dr. Williams believes  that another type of treatment may be best for your condition, our office will make the appropriate referral so  you can get the help that you need. If it is determined that you need advanced testing,  Dr. Williams  also has ordering privileges  at all local hospitals and out patient diagnostic centers which allows him to order any advanced testing that may be required.


If at any time you experience extreme low back pain that is accompanied by leg weakness in one or both of your legs, extreme bowel changes (constipation) or loss of control over your bowel and/or bladder, DO NOT WAIT to schedule an appointment with a ch, iropractor or other specialist as these can be symptoms of Cauda Equina Syndrome, a very serious condition that requires surgical intervention. Immediately call 911 or go to your nearest local emergency room for evaluation and treatment.

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