Elbow Pain Quiz

1. Are you experiencing pain in your elbow?

2. Does it cause pain in your elbow when you lift things? (A cup, milk jug, etc...)

3. Does your elbow hurt to grip or swing obejects such as a hammer, golf club, or tennis racket?

4. Does it hurt to straighten your arm?

5. Does it hurt to bend your arm?

6. Does it hurt to rotate your arm? For example, to turn a door knob,  open a jar, or twist a screw driver?

7. Does it hurt in your elbow to grip or make a fist?

8, Do you have pain in your elbow while carrying objects such as a purse, grocery bags, or a bucket?

9. Has your elbow pain caused you to change the way you perform daily activities?

10. Do you have to take over the counter pain medication to cope with your elbow pain?

If you answered yes to questions 2,3,6,7, or 8, you may be experiencing myofascial adhesions or some type of tendonitis.

If you answered yes to questions 4,5, or 6, you may have joint dysfunciton or bursa inflammation. 

To find out exactly what may be the cause of your elbow pain, call our office today to schedule an evaluation by Dr. Williams.

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