Headache Quiz

1. Do you have one or more headaches per week?

2. Do you wake with a headache?

3. Have you been diagnosed with migraines? If yes, click here to find out more specific information about migraine treatments.

4. Do your headaches return after over the counter pain medications wears off?

5. Do you have sensitivity to light or sound when you have a headache?

6. Do you get nauseous when you have a headache?

7.  Does your headache worsen if you bend over at the waist?

8. Do you get headaches after working on the computer?

9. Do your headaches affect your vision?

10. Do you have neck pain? (If you answered yes, proceed to the neck pain quiz)

If you answered yes to questions 1,2,4,8, or 10, you may have subluxations/joint dysfunctions, and/or myofascial adhesions.

If you answered yes to questions 3,5,6, or 9, you may be having migraines. Click here to find out more about specific migraine treatments.

If you answered yes to question 7, you may also have sinus problems.

Dr. Williams will perform an in depth evaluation of your cervical spine to determine the cause of your headaches and then based upon those results, prescribe an individualized treatment plan. Call our office today for an appointment. 


***If at any time you experience sudden headache, sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding speech, sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or leg (especially on one side), sudden trouble seeing out of one or both eyes, these may be symptoms of a stroke. DO NOT WAIT to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor or any other specialist, IMMEDIATELY CALL 911***

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