"After recently starting a new job, I developed plantar fasciitis. I am on my feet all day at work, and the pain was starting to affect my job. Dr. Williams was able to eliminate the pain and the underlying problem in a matter of weeks. My feet no longer hurt and I no longer have fasciitis."    S,H. Kerr


   "I became a patient at Williams Chiropractic Center in March 2004. I made an appointment because I was having headaches, pain in my right shoulder, my neck and mid back. Through my series of treatments, my pain and headaches went away. During these 12 years as a patient of Williams Chiropactic Center, I know that when I have pain, whether it be TMJ, sinus, neck, low back, etc... I can get relief from Dr. Williams treatments. I would recommend Williams Chiropractic to my family and friends."   R. Shallcross  


   "I came to visit Dr. Williams several years ago with back pain. I had been to 3 other chiropractors in Blount and Knox counties with very little success. Most try to bend, push, pull, and force your body into submission. The pain after those visits was worse than when I started. I went a long time without seeing anydoctors until I heard about Dr. Williams. He has magic hands that sense where my pain is and gently corrects the problem. I am very active for a fifty year old. I hike, bike, swim, and have completed over 20 marathons. Most of my pain is self inflicted, so it is great to know that Dr. Williams is always available to fix what I break. He is more than a back doctor. He also fixed my ankle after I tore three ligaments. He repaired my shoulder after I injured it roller blading, but more importantly, he offers advice on how to prevent injuries. He gives me simple exercises to strengthen my ankle, shoulder, and back. He recommends nutrition and health supplements that aid recovery. Both Dr. Williams and his wife treat me like an individual person and understand my needs. My advice to all skeptics is to give Dr. Williams a try, even if you've been to other chiropractors. There is a real difference and I highly recommend Dr. Williams to all my family and friends.   Mark Hudspeth, Athlete 


   " When I first came to see Dr. Williams it was for migraines and TMJ. I had been going to another local chiropractor and not getting any results. After my first visit my jaw stopped popping and I had a signigicant reduction in the severity and frequency of migraines. Over the past 15 years I have come into the office with all kinds of problems and every time Dr. Williams fixes me up. If you are looking into chiropactic and aren't sure if it works, I can tell you it most definitely it does, especially with Dr. Williams. He is the most knowledgeable doctor for everyday injuries, to sports injuries, to accidents, he can treat it all and get results. Dr. Williams and his staff and wife Susan are awesome."   Shane Kerr  


   In May of 2016 I thought I had injured my back. After a week of not being able to move, I gave in and went to the medical doctor. I was given a bottle of hydros and told to come back in a week. I immediatley set up an appointment with Dr. Williams and came in two days later. After just ONE session with Dr. Williams he found it was my hips that were the issue and I was able to walk comfortably again for a few hours. Without the Williams' I'd be in pain and hardly able to move. Two months of adjustments every other day and I was able to go back to work as a mover and fire fighter. It's been months back to work now and no more issues. I never believed in chiropractors before, but after this injury, I'm inclined to have Dr. Williams check me prior to seeing a medical doctor about aches, pains and soreness issues.   James Caughron, Owner/Operator Caughron Movers & Firefighter BCFD 


   " I've been a patient of Dr. Williams for more than 15 years. From the first visit I was impressed with his knowledge and skill. I had been having recurrent headaches and after a few visits, they disappeared. Most recently, I was in a rear-end collision and had a sprained tailbone, gotten whiplash, and back pain and hip dysfucntion. I couldn't sit or lie down without a significant amount of pain. Everything hurt. The other doctors I saw said it would be at least six months before I would notice a reduction in pain. After the first visit with Dr. Williams, i felt so much better, i cried with relief. It still took several months to regain full mobility, but I was pain free in a matter of weeks.   Sarah


   My friend raved abouth the results of her chiropractic sessions with Dr. Williams. I now do the same with my friends. My shoulder pain has been resolved due to Dr. Williams methodical investigation and treatment of my symptoms. I only wish I had found him sooner.   J. Taylor


   "I've been seeing Dr. Williams my whole life. Now, I usually see him after Parkour or longboarding misadventures. He has put my ribs, shoulders, arms, hips, neck, back, and jaw back in place. Plus he has helped decrease the amount of time I'm out of commission by treating the muscular sprains and strains. Everyone should see a chiropractor.   S.K.

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